Arrlux, Light Up The City Beauty!

Streetlight Project in Tallinn, Estonia

Installation Time: November, 2018 Location: Estonia Installed Luminaire: SIC60-T2M

Street Light Project in Chicago

Installation Time: November,2017 Location: Chicago Installed Luminaire: SKB160 , SKA120 , SIC60

Streetlight project In Tartu (Õssu), Estonia

Installation Time: September 2017 Location: Estonia Installed Luminaire: SID20

Street Lighting Project in West Haven

Installation Time: July 2017 Location: West Haven Town,CT,USA Installed Luminaire: SIB90

Saint-Felicien Street Lighting Project

Installation Time: Novembe 2017 Location: Saint-Felicien, Quebec Canada Installed Luminaire: SLB80

Solar Street Lighting Project in UAE

Installation Time: October 2017 Location: UAE Installed Luminaire: FLB40-T

Streetlight Project in Viljandi, Estonia

Installation Time: December 2016 Location: Estonia Installed Luminaire: SLG40

Municipality Street Lights in St-Felicien City

Installation Time: September 2017 Location: Canada Installed Luminaire: SLB80

Street Light Project in Chicago

Installation Time: July 2017 Location: Chicago,USA Installed Luminaire: SIB40,SIC60

The School Parking Lot Lighting Project

Installation Time: June 2017 Location: MI,USA Installed Luminaire: SLB120

Canada Games Rowing Course Burnaby Lake Pavilion

Installation Time: February, 2017 Location: Vancouver, Canada Installed Luminaire: FLB40-T

Peabody Energy’s Wambo Coal Mine

Installation Time: November 2016 Location: Warkworth, Hunter Valley, NSW, Australia Installed Luminaire: SIB40
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